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BA Nazareth College, MM University of Denver
Professor at Salem State University, performer, composer, and arranger


Several people have asked for information regarding the unusual guitar Todd Clancy plays.  Here is what he says about the instrument.

"The 8-string guitar is a result of the collaborative design efforts of Charlie Hunter and Ralph Novak. All critical specifications - scale lengths, electronics and pickups, string spacing and neck dimensions: The bottom 3 strings are bass, the top 5 are guitar, and initially I tuned it standard E-A-D (bass) A-D-G-B-E (guitar). I have recently decided to tune all my strings up a minor 3rd, and I find it easier to play, and the sound projects better. This instrument allows me to drive the rhythm section with solid, deep bass while comping or soloing guitar riffs at the same time, live. Both registers have clarity and tone unmatched by conventionally fretted instruments thanks to the Fanned-Fret® system."

We hope this explanation answers your questions.  And, if you haven't heard Todd play this guitar live, it is absolutely worth the trip.  You won't believe your ears!